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The prayers of children are powerful and will change nations.  We are starting to see a new culture within the current generation of children.  Our children know what it is to live in the fullness of what God has for them.  They know that, as His children, they can share the hope of Heaven with the nations, bringing love, joy, peace and justice with them wherever they go.

God has a wonderful plan for what the United Kingdom can become.  Through Children Changing Nations, we are equipping and releasing children to bring Heaven’s culture into their communities and to see their nation change for the better.

We believe that children can and will hear from God; that they will pray powerful prayers which reflect His heart for His people and our nation; that they will know His thoughts for the people they meet and the places they go and be able to communicate those thoughts in ways that speak to people right ‘where they’re at’.

Jesus said, “Father…you have hidden these things from the wise and learned and revealed them to little children” Matthew 11:25.  They see what we don’t see, or have forgotten how to see.  If we want to know about God’s Kingdom, our children have answers.

Operation London 2011 was our first mission.  It took place on October 25th 2011 and saw our children go out as Nation Changers.  We believe that the prayers said on that day will change history!

One of our team wrote a report of the mission in four parts:

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