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Northampton General Hospital

We began our preparations in worship and thinking about the hospital and some of the people and needs there. We walked to the hospital and along the way gave out blessings to people in the streets. We had bags of haribos that helped people to remember God’s love as they ate the heart shape, God’s provision as they ate the jelly fried egg and God’s security and comfort as they tasted the bear for example. We also had medals to give out to show people that they are special and can achieve great things with God! Many people on our route accepted gifts given by the children. The children explained why blessings were being given and some had opportunity to pray for members of the public on our journey. Two builders in particular took the time to speak with us.

At the hospital we split off into small groups. We walked through the corridors stopping at different departments to pray for the staff, patients, families and issues connecting to the pressures in the NHS. We prayed for the hospital chaplains and for God’s presence to be in the hospital and for His healing power. One child had a picture of a baby needing prayer and we then saw a mother and tiny baby being rushed through the hospital. We prayed as a group for God to step in to the situation.

At the Children’s Ward we had time to talk to the play therapist who met us and talked about her work, some of the things that the children’s team deal with and the kind of patients who spend time on the ward. There was a sickness virus in the ward and this meant that family visits were currently limited. The children prayed that this virus would leave in the powerful name of Jesus. We had time to pray for staff personally. The children spoke out prayers of blessings and asked for strength for what the teams daily face in their work.

As we left the hospital we used our bubbles and blew them at the entrance and around the grounds as a sign of God’s power and presence in the area. We declared prayers of healing for people in the hospital and for our nation.

Our walk back to the church gave us more opportunities to meet people in the street and share God and the blessings.

We believe that bringing God to Northampton General Hospital has made a difference and we know that we can do similar things in our local communities too!