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What could happen where you live?
Where does Father want to see Heaven on Earth?

Children’s Art Week Prayer Day – 6th July 2021

It’s Children’s Art Week in July!  You may not have heard of it!  We’re using this day to listen to God and draw pictures with Him.  We are encouraging children, families and church groups to give messages from God as drawings to others.

In 2015 we prayed at Old Trafford in Manchester – you can read about it here.

In 2014 we prayed at Queens Park Rangers in London – you can read about it here.

Royalty Prayer Day – 12th June 2021

It’s the Queen’s birthday on 12th June 2021.  Join us to pray for the Royal Family.

In 2015 we prayed at Buckingham Palace in London – you can read about it here.

Earth Day – 22nd April 2021

It’s Earth Day soon – join us to pray!  Below are two packs one for families and children’s groups and one for a prayer walk.  We have also posted story book videos to help us to connect with God’s Amazing Earth.

In 2019 we prayed at the Sky Garden in London – you can read about it here.

Download A Pack

Children changing nations have created three resource packs to encourage you and your children.  One is about identity (Who Am I And Whose Am I?), one about blessing the pace you live (Love Your City) and one about being a Nation Changer. 

A quick guide to running your own event

Selecting Locations

Make sure you have enough leaders to accompany each mission

Prepare some information for children about each mission and what is involved so that they can select which mission they would like to go on.

Consider travel, if you are travelling to and from a location you will need to think about how long this takes and factor it into your planning.

Select locations which are significant for your local community. The 7 cultural mountains might form a good starting point:-
o Education
o Arts & Entertainment
o Business
o Family
o Government
o Media
o Religion

Make sure you have appropriate permission to visit locations, if possible connect with a significant person at the venue who can share some more information with the children.

Planning Activities

Try to find a different interactive prayer or declaration activity for each location. Some children will find it easier to engage using actions or activities rather than just words.

o Use artwork to express prayers e.g. prophetic declarations of what the future will look like in an area which is being developed, pictures of people being healthy and whole who are currently sick or in need.
o Chalk can be used on outside areas such as pavements or concrete to write or draw prophetic declarations or words of blessing or encouragement. Bubbles
o Blowing bubbles is a great way to pray for the release of Holy Spirit.

o Gifts are a great way to share God’s love and blessing with others e.g. Chocolate coins to represent God’s provision or Medals to represent our significance to God.
o Mini bags of Haribo star mix can be used to represent the different ways in which God loves us. E.g. Bear (God’s comfort), Heart (God’s love), Ring (God’s promises).

o Written prayers or prophetic messages can form the basis of activities e.g. Creating your own newspaper headlines.

Running The Day

It is good to start your day with a commissioning, dedicating the day to God, reminding the children of their significance and preparing them to go out on their missions. This could include a time of worship, prayers for each mission or prophetic activities e.g. preparing treasure hunt maps.

Give time for different groups to set off for their missions, complete missions and return. Some groups may need to leave earlier than others if they are travelling greater distances.

Upon returning give the groups time to share feedback of their time, give each mission opportunities to share testimonies of what they have seen and done and the ways that God spoke to them during their missions. Large sheets of paper where children can write or draw their own stories and experiences is a great way to collect this information. Pray for the missions they have been on and the impact they have had.

Finally be sure to look out for local news stories or events that are testimonies of the impact the missions have had. Feed this information back to the children so that they are aware of the way God has used them in their local area.

Creative Ideas

We aim to use lots of objects and actions to be prophetic in our prayers. Here are some items we use.



Since the very beginning blowing bubbles for Children Changing Nations has been significant.  When people see them they smile!  Bubbles are a...

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A significant influence on society is ‘Church’.  We wanted to pray for the leaders of the church.  To do so we made mitres and wrote messages from...

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Chocolate Coins

Chocolate Coins

Chocolate coins are great fun to give away.  They are great to eat and wrapped but also contain something good inside!  So many people worry about...

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Drawing pictures and writing messages for people is a great way to share God's love with others.  We have sometimes asked God for messages, Bible...

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We have used little bags of Haribo Star Mix many times.  The bags contain five shapes: Heart (God loves you); Egg (God provides for you); Coke (God...

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We wanted to pray for local business so we offered them a free drink.  We took in a local coffee shops menu and asked staff what they would like us...

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The children prayed in university towns and created ‘diplomas’ for students. These had messages from Father God for people, about where they find...

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