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Prayers for the Nation at St Margaret’s Westminster

What a privilege to visit St Margaret’s church situated between Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. Aaron from the Westminster Abbey staff team arranged for the church to be opened especially for us as and gave us some insights into this historic building. It was originally built to serve the people of London so that the monks in the abbey next door could continue with their worship undisturbed. The church has very strong links with parliament and is known as the parish church of the House of Commons and has a pew at the front reserved for the speaker of the house.

St_Margarets2While here we wrote out our prayers for the nation and then some of the children stood on the chancel step and read their prayers aloud. What an honour to stand in this ancient church in the centre of our capital and make these declarations over our nation.

The Prayers were then handed to Aaron who kindly arranged for the prayers to remain at the Edward the Confessor Shrine in Westminster Abbey for the week following our visit.