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Operation Love The Metropolitan Police. 
We had the privilege of having our last location outside the ‘new’ New Scotland Yard headquarters close to Westminster. Our heart was to pray and bless the Police force that protects and keeps the peace in our nations capital, London. At a recent Christians In London Police event, there was a feeling that although the police are loved and rewarded for what they do, they often don’t feel this comes through from the general public, and as we walked past the New Scotland Yard building, we felt to applaud the Police for their hard work and courage and bravery in protecting us and London. Even on the day, there was a huge police presence in Westminster because of a peaceful protest march through London, and then an incident at the Natural History Museum caused a lot attention.
We were able to write Thank You cards and hand them over to a Police Officer, and then applaud the Metropolitan Police outside New Scotland Yard, which the children loved and cheered spontaneously.