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Nation Portrait Gallery Operation London 2013

When you stand in the Tudor portrait section of the gallery you realise how important the monarchs were, how significant they were and the gold frames and masterpiece paintings show the person was of such value.  Surrounded by other museum visitors you catch how important, valuable and significant each and every one of us is to God.  So it was time to tell people!

The children drew pictures from God for people visiting the gallery.  Having stopped in a quieter wing and asked Father for details the children sketched a series of images that spoke value and significance to the people that we met.  These images were pictorial rather than actual portraits but they heard what God said and they gave them to the people who needed to hear the message.

Following our visit we attempted to sketch in Trafalgar Square, but the bustling place didn’t really allow for that so we set off with our party bags and spare drawings to bless as many people as we could.  The children spread out handing out medals to show how important God says that they are.  Bags of Haribo were being given to all sorts of people from Morris dancers, to buskers, to people handing out hugs to business people stopping for a lunch break.  It was great to see children changing their nation with God by giving blessing to all they met.

Feedback from the mission:

We went to the National Portrait Gallery and drew pictures to give to people in Trafalgar Square. In Trafalgar Square we gave out medals and sweets and we also blew bubbles. We met a policeman and talked to him. We went past 10 Downing Street (almost!). We had a good time. (Kerstin)

In Trafalgar Square I gave out pictures of portraits with little messages on them. I met a lady called Denise from Germany but who lived in Lambeth. I gave her a picture of God’s armour and the Holy Spirit filled her. After a couple of minutes, she started crying. I felt very pleased and happy for her. I asked her if I could pray for anything, and she said that I could pray for children. After that, she smiled and me and I gave her the name of out of our churches near to where she lived. I went away feeling joyful and contented. (adult)

God said he will deposit / imprint images on their minds of our children/youths about what he is doing now and will be doing in the future. He said our kids may not be able to express the pictures verbally in adult language. So allow them to express his messages in pictures, drawings. He said a picture says a lot, it paints a message of more than 1000 words.  (Audrey)

I went to Trafalgar square and I gave a picture to someone (Mark)

While walking home a girl was having real joy with our bubbles catching them behind us. (adult).

I went to the National Portrait Gallery and when we were in Trafalgar square I gave a lady the medal and told her God thinks she is special and she asked us to pray for her. We prayed for her!