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It’s February 2019, the country is focused on Brexit.  It seems that unity and wisdom are required.  Several years ago we loved speaking God’s Headlines over London, over Government and over the nation.  This stirred again as the news of party splits, disunity and internal frustrations grow.  So our prayer again is:

Your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

The children back in Abbey Centre wrote God’s Headlines for the nation, we carried them to College Garden, where the press declare their headlines across our media and country.  We stood where they stand and spoke His Truth, His Wisdom, His Freedom, His Joy, His Love, His Honour, His Values, His Way, His Hope, His Unity, His Kingdom.  We shouted our headlines, made a joyous noise as we spoke His Righteousness for our Government, our Capital and our nation.

If you had a headline for our nation what would it be?  What is God stirring in you as you read this?  Why not write and declare a headline in the comment box below.