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Operation London 2015 |
Treasure Hunt in St James’ Park

The weather was glorious and the park was teeming with people waiting to be blessed by God! We spent time listening to our Father about who were the people we needed to find in the park and what were the messages we had to pass on.

The children left base camp excited and raring to go – armed with bags of haribos and messages. The haribos carried reminders of God:

The heart is a message of God’s love, the ring a sign of His promise to us and how we are significant to Him. The teddy bear is a symbol of God’s security and protection. The cola bottle a message of God’s refreshment and the egg a reminder of God’s provision. Powerful ways to bless others and help them to see out amazing Father!

Many people were found in the park and we had lots of opportunities to bless them, pray for them and to talk.

We believe that we can partner with God and make a difference. Our prayers and blessings will have a far reaching impact to the people we met in the park. God is amazing!