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I felt the presence of God before me and if I closed my eyes, I could see him in front of me touching my hand.

I first went to go to look at a child hospital and I thought it was great!  Then we went to see the chapel.  Then last but not least we went to go and see our friend Richard and we prayed for him.

Today was great in the children’s hospital.  We saw Richard.

Today we went to the BBC and prayed for Steve and Janet.  It was lots of fun because I met some new people and saw some new places.

We went to 10 Downing Street.  We prayed for 3 people.  It was very cool.  Then went to the Abbey and prayed it was awesome.

We prayed for a lady in hospital.  She got very touched.

Today I went to St Thomas Hospital.  I felt God in every room.  I prayed for this little girl and once I finished she smiled at me.  I felt that she felt something.

We had a great day praying at Operation London 2012.

A man gave me real money just because I gave him a chocolate coin(Sophie)

We climbed all the way to the top of St Pauls cathedral.  We handed out chocolate coins.  (Ebun)

We gave chocolate coins to the bankers.  When we gave them we said,” may God bless you”.  It was very fun and it was great.  It was a good day.  (Hannah)

In the BBC studio we used a blue cloth to make me invisible.  You could only see my head!

Lord, bring prosperity to the BBC and bring peace to those watching and working.

I climbed all the way to the top of St Paul’s cathedral and blew bubbles.  Then I gave 6 chocolate coins away.

G.R.E.A.T.   Amazing.  Make me more confident with praying out loud.

We prayed for the baby’s with heart problems and the people in intensive care.  We prayed for the doctors and nurses.

I liked it because we could explore the hospital and pray for different things.

The Lord taking over and blessing the BBC.

We prayed at the Match of the Day studio, especially for the Euro 2012.  Steven prayed for the concerns of it and I prayed that the players would do well and no accidents.

We went to the BBC to pray.  Lord bring peace to the BBC and the nation.

Today we had the very bid opportunity of trying to change the lives of many.  There were no problems today so going to the BBC was great.  We went to many different rooms.  Trying to make the world a better place.

I prayed for healing to happen and I felt it had happened straight away!

I prayed for the doctors there and I was running along the glass and when I got to a doctor I felt a tingle in my hand!

I prayed for a little girl who had trapped her finger in the door and it was dangling off and the doctors had sewn it back on!

We prayed at the stage door for people passing through.  We prayed that as soon as they walked through the doors, all of their troubles would get washed away.


On Friday, our group went to the hospital.  We looked around and prayed for them.  Then we spoke to this woman called Maureen.  She had been praying for children before she came and she was touched by us praying for her.  Then we came back.  It was GREAT!!

It was amazing to take a step back and let the kids run with God and see them hear from God, step out boldly and sensitively and God work through them!

We prayed for a woman and her little child and I think God has warmed the woman’s heart, because I think she thought that someone was looking out for her daughter.

In Operation London I prayed in chapel and prayed for play specialists which help children. 

My experience was seeing Richard ( a friend from church) and praying for him and going to the hospital.

Today when we were declaring the greatness of God over the BBC I really felt the greatness of God shaking the foundation of the BBC and every studio will be declaring the goodness of God.

Operation heal the sick.  It was great!  I got to pray for another Christian man with a bleeding thumb.  I’ve learnt that no matter what you’ve been given from God somebody will always match it/it relates to somebody.

I have learnt that if I can push myself I can achieve great things!  I think Operation London was a great experience and I want to do it again next year.

We went to the hospital and we prayed for a lady.  She got touched and felt like crying she was happy!!