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On Saturday 15th April we are praying for the King and our country in London.   We have special access to pray in areas of Westminster Abbey not open to the public.

Download the Royal Invitation Prayer Pack

We want to pray for the King, the Royal Family and Coronation.  We have 45 children aged 8-12 with their children’s leaders, teachers or parents joining us in London to pray for the nation.  During the day we have special access to Westminster Abbey and the throne used at the Coronation on 6th May.  The day includes this visit and opportunities to pray along the routes used for the day and opportunities to bless the public, emergency services teams and staff at Westminster. 

We’re afraid the London event is full but please use our resource pack to encourage your children and families to pray.

We have the privilege of being allowed in to the place where King Charles makes his promises – the Comsati.  We’ll stand and speak God’s truth for our nation, we’ll pray for the new King and for the Royal family.


Throughout 2021, the Children Changing Nations teams have been creating prayer packs and sharing testimonies.  We are currently editing them to make them less time and date specific but they should be very useable in their current format.

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