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Join us on Saturday 15th April to pray for the King and our country.


Please book in your church group/family for our Coronation Prayer Event – Saturday 15th April 2023 from 10am-3.30pm in London.  We are aiming for small groups of children aged 8-13, for example 4-6 children and two adults representing a variety of churches/groups.

Your children may like to consider writing to King Charles to let him know you are visiting Westminster Abbey on 15th April 2023 with Children Changing Nations to pray for the Coronation, the Nation, and the Commonwealth.  To find out how to write to King Charles please refer to the instructions found here:

The Coronation Prayer event will be hosted and directed by the CCN team. However, the supervision and safety of the children you bring are solely the responsibility of you and your other leader(s).

Looking for inspiration?

Ignite With Testimonies

Children Changing Nations is part of Powerpack Ministries.  Since 1986 Powerpack has seen thousands of children make commitments, receive the Holy Spirit, pray for miracles and breakthroughs and grow in their faith.  You can read stories from across the world of children and God in action.

Training Up Prayer Warriors

Powerpack have created a training pack for children, leaders and families to equip them in prayer.  Take a look.

Get The Message

Powerpack have a teaching series to support children hearing from God.  It’s a great guide from 4-11s in to the prophetic.