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Children's Prayer Movement for the Nations
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Throughout 2021, the Children Changing Nations teams have been creating prayer packs and sharing testimonies.  We are currently editing them to make them less time and date specific but they should be very useable in their current format.

Recent Stories

Prayer Day For The Nation

Prayer Day For The Nation

Children's Day Of Prayer For The Nation - March 2021On Sunday 23rd March 2021 children, families and church groups joined from across the UK to...

Love London 2019

Love London 2019

Love London 2019 It was an honour to take some of our children to the Love London 2019 event. Once again it was great to receive a warm welcome from...

Sky Garden 2019

Sky Garden 2019

For those who have not been to the Sky Garden, it's a covered tropical garden at the top of 20 Fenchurch Street.  It is open to the public for...

Meet The Team

The Children Changing Nations team have been together since 2011.  We are a team of leaders from across England, mainly in the South.  All of us work with children and train leaders.
Nick Jackson
I’m Nick from Oxford and Powerpack Ministries. I’m married to Kath and have three children. A highlight for me has been to write prophetic messages for football players in the Queen’s Park Rangers dressing room. I also loved painting people’s portraits in the National Portrait Gallery, and telling them how valued and significant they are.
Jess Jenner
I’m Jess a children’s leader in Bromley, London who has started a new venture during 2020 ‘Together At Home’. When I first discovered Operation London back in 2012 I had to be involved. It is a privilege to release heaven alongside children.
Trevor Johnson
I have recently finished as children’s pastor for King’s Church (LifeSpring) in Horsham. I am married to Janet, who has also been involved from the start.  My lasting memory of Operation London was seeing a spectacular rainbow over a deserted Horse Guards Parade right at the end of the day. It was a reminder that we have an Awesome God who keeps his promises to us.
Linds Ledger
I was the Children’s Ministry Leader at Banbury Community Church, having previously been Deputy Head in two Oxfordshire Primary Schools and Acting Headteacher in one of them. My highlight from Operation London was at St Thomas’ Hospital. when the children prayed powerfully for children and their families. Also when staff gave prophetic words to the children.

Looking for inspiration?

Ignite With Testimonies

Children Changing Nations is part of Powerpack Ministries.  Since 1986 Powerpack has seen thousands of children make commitments, receive the Holy Spirit, pray for miracles and breakthroughs and grow in their faith.  You can read stories from across the world of children and God in action.

Training Up Prayer Warriors

Powerpack have created a training pack for children, leaders and families to equip them in prayer.  Take a look.

Get The Message

Powerpack have a teaching series to support children hearing from God.  It’s a great guide from 4-11s in to the prophetic.