We give the children a handful of plastic medals.  Having practised offering them to each other, we then offer them to people in the city.  We tell them that God says they are valuable and significant, just like having a medal.   We say that Father God is for them, not against them.  Then offer

Shopping Bags

We collected empty bags from shops in shopping centres, then asked God for prophetic words and wrote them on the bags.  We then took the bags into the shops and asked to share them with the manager.  The messages tended to be towards growth, value, welcome, profit and valueing staff.


We have offered to draw people’s portraits in the street.  While the children draw people, they ask Father God for messages for them and either label the portrait or tell the person what God says about them.  We practise sharing encouragements and talking about significance and identity before we do this prophetic activity.


Everywhere we go Bubbles have gone with us.  We wanted every child who comes to a CCN event to be able to pause and release ‘Joy’, ‘Freedom’ & ‘Hope’ by blowing bubbles.  We also have led many prophetic Bubble blowing moments to ask Father God to bring change to our nation.