A significant influence on society is ‘Church’.  We wanted to pray for the leaders of the church.  To do so we made mitres and wrote messages from God for the Bishop of Oxford, in Christchurch, Oxford and the Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth Palace.  You can find instructions online.


The children prayed in university towns and created ‘diplomas’ for students. These had messages from Father God for people, about where they find value.  The children then asked God which student to give it to and shared the message with them.


We have used little bags of Haribo Star Mix many times.  The bags contain five shapes: Heart (God loves you); Egg (God provides for you); Coke (God refreshes you); Ring (God’s committed to you); Teddy Bear (God Keeps you Safe).  The children ask Father God which item to talk about, speak to people and share about


We wanted to pray for local business so we offered them a free drink.  We took in a local coffee shops menu and asked staff what they would like us to buy for them.  While we went to get the drinks, we asked them to think of things we could pray for for them and