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QPR Example Mission Powerpoint This PowerPoint has been used after the event to what happened.  It includes a handful ideas to do at a sports stadium.

Operation Oxford Launch Day This PowerPoint was used as an introduction to the launch Day in Oxford in 2014.  On this occasion children chose on the day after hearing the different missions.

Operation London 2012 Overview This PowerPoint was used as an introduction in 2012 to show the children the choices of Operation.  We have tidied up our PowerPoints a bit since then, but it gives a good idea of where we started.

Heal The Sick Sample Mission This PowerPoint is used as an introduction to one of the Missions – one to heal the sick! We combine this Powerpoint with some teaching around healing.   And discuss whether we can do this in our church family first then maybe ask a local hospital chaplain if we can join

Sample Ambassadors Powerpoint This PowerPoint is used as an introduction to the concept for representing Heaven on Earth.  An ambassador brings their home culture to the new place.  We use this PowerPoint as a starter to ask children who would like to sign up.