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To make life easier here are few letters we have sent to parents in our churches. It may be that you can copy parts of some of them. Sample Letter One Sample Letter Two Sample Letter Three  

For every event Children Changing Nations create a handbook.  This contains CONTENTS: REGISTRATION WITH US CCN Policy Group Registration form Payment details ORGANISATION FOR YOUR CHURCH Example Parent letter| Example child application form Schedule/Timetable Parental Consent form CITY INFORMATION Directions to Meeting place Underground map/Bus Map Here are some sample handbooks Operation London 2015 Operation

Risk Assessments are personal to each church.  We use a variety. You may need to consider: A child becomes detached from group A child is left alone on a platform or becomes isolated on a train. A child has an accident or becomes unwell. A leader has an accident or becomes unwell. A child is

This is our policy Children Changing Nations As a relational group, our aim is to provide a gateway for leaders to take their kids into all that God has for them. Our events are environments of prayer, worship and declaration.  We will endeavour to maintain the highest standards of safety.  As such CCN can take

Children Changing Nations use a range of declarations – here are some examples.  We recommend you write your own from what Father God is saying to you.