This is our policy

Children Changing Nations

As a relational group, our aim is to provide a gateway for leaders to take their kids into all that God has for them. Our events are environments of prayer, worship and declaration.  We will endeavour to maintain the highest standards of safety.  As such CCN can take no responsibility for you or your group.  This policy is a guide for best practice.

Policy for CCN  (Core team)

  • We are accountable to each other. Our aim is to be flowing in a relational, flexible
  • We are accountable to our own church/ministry leadership.
  • We endeavour to provide the safest environment possible.
  • Each application will be granted within policy guidelines and if not may be rejected.
  • We are committed to continued relationship building with each other and building relationship with others/partners of CCN.
  • Online we will list partners and friends of CCN and their events.

Policy for Main Leaders (Partners)

  • are in relationship (committed to building an understanding of each other’s church and journey/heart) with CCN
  • hold a current CRB.
  • are accountable and endorsed by church/ministry leadership (i.e. can provide a reference if required)
  • are accountable for the all of the team members and children.
  • provide registrations forms for all children and all team members (with CRB numbers/dates/issuing body). There needs to be adequate adult child ratio (1:6 minimum, 2 adults per group) and appropriate gender split;
  • all applications, documentation and payment must be completed prior to launch day. For any applications following the launch day we will allow a small group (e.g. two leaders and 6 kids) to attend the event as part of the ‘taster’ mission.
  • bring children between 9-14 who have a heart to pray for the nation. They have received teaching on prayer and identity in line with our statement of faith. (possibly using materials from CCN)
  • make CCN aware of any press releases churches wish to do and to feedback testimonies to CCN core team.

Policy for Groups

Groups need…

  • full liability insurance
  • a risk assessment (template available)
  • first aider with paediatrics cover. (One day) This person is also responsible for authorizing emergency treatment if required.
  • to be endorsed by church/ministry leadership
  • all documentation must be ready before the event. For every person at the event forms must be complete.

Policy for Friends (events not called CCN or planned by CCN)

  • have access to CCN logo ‘supported by CCN.’
  • access to proforma documents
  • advice and encouragement
  • relationship framework


We cannot write a legal policy for this.  CCN will commission ‘Official photographers’ for events; these will be used in publicity online and in printed material.  We can ask that any photographs taken will only be used in an honourable manner and respectful of CCN policies and relationships.  We cannot guarantee that any individual will not be used in photographs online or in printed material.

Policy As WORD File